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A training program should allow the students to strengthen those skills that can be useful during the practical world or during the competitive examinations. A development programs should improve the core competency and skills of engineering graduates to a higher level so that they can have better knowledge and understanding about the subject.

Due to COVID-19 the global economy has been affected. Even the educational sector has been affected recently. In such circumstances it is initiative of Vaibbhav Taraate with group of four intelligent professionals to support the undergraduate engineers and freshers by providing few free and affordable educational services. These educational services will be helpful to freshers and undergraduate engineers to get better rank in the competitive examinations as well as to refresh the core engineering fundamentals for better job prospectus!

We are a group of professional having 13 years of extensive coaching experience in GATE and ESE coaching.

  • Mission

    Guidance and Motivation to intelligent engineer to build their better tomorrow.

  • Vision

    To establish a forum of intelligent engineers for better knowledge transfer.

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What We Provide?

We all know that qualifying for these exams are rather tough. The training offered by our coaching institute provides an idea about the exam pattern and some important key points that are very useful during the examination.

Five days free GATE training and career guidance (enroll)

Intensive Coaching
By IITans

Gate and ESE problem
solving skills

Extensive exercises
and assignments

How it works?

In this initiative we provide the free tutorials, paid tutorials, free and paid test series and the forum as a platform to exchange the knowledge. The better knowledge transfer tool “Forum” can be useful to undergraduate engineers and freshers to exchange the technical knowledge!


In this initiative we provide the handwritten tutorials as well as few tutorials in the format of word/pdf/video files. These tutorials are self explanatory and per day candidate need to spend four hours time to go through the tutorial link. At the end of the tutorial session exercises and assignments are given and candidate need to complete the exercises and assignments to get the better rank.


Each subject will have 40 hours of paid tutorial and at end of each subject the candidate should opt for the subject-wise tests.


If you join for the paid tutorial sessions then the schedule for GATE subject-wise tutorial sessions will be shared on the registered email address. The schedule is for almost 24 to 25 weeks which consists of tutorial + subject-wise online tests + test-series.

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    Popular Courses

    GATE paper is of objective type and consists of one and two marks questions. Question asked in GATE are multiple choice question (MCQ) Or Numerical answer type (NAT).
    We provide the online subject-wise tests for each discipline. These tests are useful for engineering students to test their basics to advanced level technical fundamentals.
    The continuous performance assessment is tracked by using the online topic-wise tests. For each subject we provide the ten to fifteen tests and each test consists of 20 objective and multiple choice questions. To test your basics please click the link below!

    We provide the online subject-wise tutorials for each discipline. 

    These tutorials are useful for engineering students to understand the basics to advanced level of technical fundamentals.
    The tutorials consists of the basic to advanced concepts and their use to solve the practical oriented examples. Click the link below to go through the tutorials!
    We provide the online test series for each discipline. The test series is useful for engineering students to understand where they stand. Each test consists of 65 questions of objective or multiple choice and the test series is best practice tool for the GATE/ESE and other competitive examinations! The continuous performance assessment is tracked by using the online full-syllabus test series. We provide the 30 full-length tests. Click the link below and get familiarity with the full length tests!

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